Nayuki_Love – The Reckoning (Part 7 Final)

Well first let’s begin by greeting Vineh a happy birthday! The Aussie bastard has turned 18 yet again! He’s like the peter pan of loli land, cept he forgot that 18 is when they become jailbait so you should have stayed forever 16 mate!  It’s also that time of the year again…yep if you guessed Festivus then you guessed right! Air your grievances, perform the feats of strength, and otherwise end the year with a bang! Last but not the least…Nayuki_Love turns 3! Been at this for 3 years and I gotta say…I don’t think we’ve really improved all that much on release quality, but we’re still here, we’re still standing, we’re still kicking ass and that’s all that matters!

But all these things aren’t what you all came for to this blog…not that anyone really comes here without us having to release anything. The reckoning as you may know is Da Capo II – Imaginary Future…a project 2 years in the making. While yes we would have loved to have access to HQ tank raws, but hey you can’t have everything so we’re playing this old school like Honey Coming.

Another thing is that…I would like to thank each and every new member that has joined our merry band these past few months. This project and many others we have just recently picked up and more yet to come would not have been possible without you guys stepping in to lend a helping hand. No one knows what the future holds, but I hope that we’ll still be standing strong come next anniversary with both old and new faces alike.

And that’s that…hope some people actually bothered to read my little rant here. We still have 2 more new projects yet to be released. No real clue when they’ll be done, but as always both are manga that have long since been abandoned and found a new home here in our group. Well let’s end this before I keep on ranting with a Happy Festivus and Happy 3rd Anniversary to us…yey!

PS: If anyone bothers to look through the last 2 birthday posts, you’ll notice that I probably forgot to mention Vineh’s birthday. Didn’t forget it this time mate! ;)


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  1. Thanks a lot for picking this up. I watched the anime of D.C. and liked it so I am sure the manga is awesome too.

    Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  2. D.C.II?! I can’t understand how you can read my mind! I had been waiting someone to continue it for so long1 Thank you guys!!

  3. Thanks for reviving this series, Merry Christmas and congratulations on your birthday.

  4. Sadly we cannot hope to compete in terms of release quality in comparison to our predecessor, but we will maintain an adequate pace so I reckon we may finish this by this time next year? Maybe even earlier if we don’t get lazy…which we will so don’t expect a miracle on that one.

  5. Thank you! Are you going to translate Da Capo Second Graduation as well?

  6. Thanks for your hard work. Only a question: would you translate Pretty Cure mangas? I love them all but nobody translates them and the majority of fans can’t read Japanese. Thank you again.

  7. @Ornella
    We don’t have Second Graduation in our future plans but since it’s moe I suppose anything can happen ;)


    that would depends on our translators since we let them choose their own projects. Personally, I would say chances are slim since most of our translators are guys but who knows maybe we’ll get a ms. translator soon :)

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