As per the Nayuki charter I just thought up just now…we are required to release something arbitrarily based on lulz. Well I don’t really see what’s amusing about 1/11/11 other than the numbers, but well I suppose I’m just easy to amuse? So yeah new mangaka chapter (ch08 since someone else already did ch07). 8 pages filled with text…ugh good thing I’m not the one editing this…

Still on a dry spell concerning wit so let’s keep this short…


~ by PimpToad on January 11, 2011.

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  1. Hey, er… how the hell do we download your releases?

  2. Ah, never mind. Got it.

    Thanks for the awesome job!

  3. In spanish, this date marks an historical JOKE. The joke is that, since there are a lot of 1’s, it can be called ‘la ivasión de los unos’ (the invasion of the ones), that sounds exactly like ‘la invasión de los hunos’ (the invasion of the Huns), that was an historical fact where Asian tribes invaded Europe, commanded by Attila. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunnic_Empire

  4. …nice pun?

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