A passing of the torch

So yours truly is no longer editing this one and a new editor has taken charge…this can’t be all I have to say for this release post. Well let’s see…we dropped Gou-Dere since two other groups were already doing it and the other one has already released CH02-03 so it’s in good hands. Got a new editor for Fortune Arterial so that’s one less thing I have to do around here (not that I do a lot as it is). Hmm we’re also prospecting possible new projects, (how did you all like that Aneki release?) but so far no bites yet. Next chapter of DC2IF is pretty much done (been sitting on my ass on some proofs for awhile now that I’ll do after this) so expect that soon…ish? Oh right CP has pretty much been fully translated, but the editor-in-charge has been sitting on it for probably months now. That should be released…well whenever?

Oh and for those new over here, you can download our releases by clicking on the manga name on the right sidebar. We mostly operate off of mediafire, but a divshare mirror link is available if mediafire is down. Guess that’s pretty much it…


~ by PimpToad on January 16, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

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