enter another mangaka?

So here be another chapter of mangaka-san. As you can see we are only doing the chapters and not the 4komas unless something changes (translator feels like it). Short and sweet with no real progress made on any of our other projects due to translators being busy with the real and once again editors having nothing to do while the script is bogged down by the real issues. So that’s that…maybe we’ll have another release next week if things look good…perhaps another chapter of Fortune Arterial…

Believe you me…I’m waiting for that chapter as much as the next guy following this manga T_T
*The Toad urges them to hurry the hell up!*


~ by PimpToad on January 30, 2011.

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  1. Thank you again for your hard work. I hope you will release FoA soon! Just one question (not related with FoA): what’s the title of Honey Coming ch 4?

  2. Here’s the direct copy/paste from the script:
    My sister (the two chinese characters say “love” and “colour” :S)

    Guess I forgot (didn’t bother to) edit it in?

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