Another week…

…and another week of no releases. Well nothing much to add other than Vineh still suffering from the flu (or being lazy, but let’s say he’s still sick) and still sitting on a couple of Fortune translations but editor on it is busy so no progress on that end yet.

So yeah nothing else worth mentioning other than we are looking for editors that can edit ahead of the current Fortune scans so we can speed up releases. Still plan on putting the thing into overdrive, but can’t really do that considering how our manpower is being diverted into the REAL…DAMN YOU REAAAAAAL!!!

Oh and please don’t join our irc channel if you expect to find any bots or whatever there. We don’t have any bots and I certainly don’t like people who just pop in and out like a damn ninja. Stick around…talk…granted pretty much all conversations I’m a part of most of the time end up concerning a sexual nature…


~ by PimpToad on February 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “Another week…”

  1. What is a editor supposed to do?

    • An editor is a cleaner and typesetter in one package (at least for this group). I feel that this is more efficient (and fair for editors following the series), but individual talent is fairly low over here =D

  2. Hang in there nayukilove team..\(^.^)/

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