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…till we actually release something. Anyway spring break is in another week and a half and we should be able to push out some stuff by then. Vineh is also back in action so expect some DC2IF or some Mangaka soon (probably Mangaka since I’m about to embark on an anime binging spree). The next Fortune chapter should be released during spring break and the one after that…well who knows we edit sequentially, a completely inefficient process. So we still do kinda need an editor who doesn’t mind editing a chapter or two ahead (only real way to speed it along since we’re not gonna force ourselves to release weekly).

tl;dr (since apparently that’s what all the cool kids on the interwebs do these days)
Probably no release this week, maybe one next week, definitely one during spring break. If you want faster releases for Fortune, we need an editor who doesn’t mind editing ahead of the current scan.


~ by PimpToad on March 2, 2011.

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  1. Thank you for expressing your interest, Pimptoad, but our group isn’t ready for a joint project right now. The situation in our little group is a little unstable, with both team members living on opposite sides of the world and not being in frequent contact with one another. I can’t guarantee a joint project would be feasible or work well, and neither me nor Liupha are especially eager to try.

    If you do want to help out with Chrome Shelled Regios and see some more Felli, there is the Baka-Tsuki novel project, which has currently worked up to volume 14 of the novels. They need some editing and translating help, and I’m sure they’d welcome your assistance.

    Happy holidays!

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