quite a passionate credits page?

Hey we’re actually releasing something! FoA22 Get!

Now that rather long release post is out of the way, let’s get down to business shall we? We need another editor or two if you want WEEKLY releases till we hit the latest raw. Yep you read right…WEEKLY! Our glorious translator Excel mentioned that he may be able to translate a chapter a week…but we don’t exactly have the manpower to follow that pace adequately. No editor here is willing to stretch themselves thin following Excel’s pace either. So I’m gonna leave the choice to the readers on this one.

If you want (if things go as planned) a chapter a week of Fortune, then here’s an Editor spot with your name on it. If you want Sou (who took a month to edit 22 and that will probably be the norm) to be the only one doing it, then hey expect a somewhat lengthy delay between releases.

Last but not the least…other project updates! I’m gonna restart editing DC2IF again so that should be done in a week, Mangaka is still going but Mag is a bit busy so don’t expect it anytime soon, and we picked up a new project! It’s yet another abandoned manga and I already forgot what it is…oh well CoolMod is translating it so don’t hold your breath?


~ by PimpToad on March 15, 2011.

8 Responses to “quite a passionate credits page?”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. I’m so happy it’s out| Thank you so much!
    I’d like a lot FoA to be released weekly… probably I could be an editor… well, actually I don’t really know if I have enough time!

  3. Oh, and BTW, what’s the title of the chapter?

    • @ Ornella

      The title is “22nd tune: Memory of each other”. we have it at the top left corner on page 1 but I guess it’s kinda hard to see?

  4. @ vinnii
    Ah, ok, now I see it! Thanks!

  5. Could you list exactly what an editor is expected to do? Thanks.

    • An Editor is a cleaner/typesetter/proofreader all in one package. A completely inefficient method of doing things, but that’s how we operate less something comes along that facilitates change.

  6. Woo! Thanks for the release!

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