[05:33] <~PimpToad> i did a (crappy) edit of translations i found for kanon
[05:33] <~PimpToad> then you were interested on doing the rest
[05:33] <~PimpToad> then shin came along
[05:33] <~PimpToad> had ourselves a pseudo-group
[05:33] <Vin-nii> of you FOUND the translations
[05:33] <~PimpToad> yeah
[05:33] <~PimpToad> you’re the only one for me baby ;)
[05:33] <Vin-nii> sif I agreed on the name nayuki love
[05:33] <~PimpToad> though we’ve been seeing other people late
[05:33] <Vin-nii> was I high?


~ by PimpToad on April 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “dc2if06”

  1. on the 3rd page when nanaka is showing the opponents you have her calling Hanasaki Akane as Amakase instead

  2. not sure what you mean, so Amakase is wrong?

    My DC-jutsu has dwindled over the years so forgive me XP

  3. Pretty much tradition here for Vineh to get the names wrong and for me not to correct them…because here I am thinking the man is getting his info right ;)

  4. the picture says Yukimura and Amakase but the picture shos Yukimura Anzu and Hanasaki Akane. Amakase Minatsu is no where to even be found in the chapter.

  5. @ cyber

    Yeah, we mixed up Amakase with Hanasaki XP. Sorry about the noob-ness

  6. WE!? o_O

  7. Have you found Japanese–>English translators to continue FoA CP?

  8. *shrugs* dunno when we’ll get it out

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