Oh No They Didn’t~

As you would have realized, Mangaka 11 was released yesterday. Too bad the guys that scanlated that one didn’t use color pages (or didn’t bother to find them) so it wasn’t the usual quality. Luckily for us, our version of chapter 11 will be in color so you can enjoy the swimsuit chapter in all its glory. We’re not gonna drop Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to and we’ll probably move up a gear to shake those punks off our tail (not at the expense of Mission School or Fortune Arterial).

On that note, Fortune Arterial is in the proofing stage so it should come out soon. Mission School would probs take a while longer so don’t hold your breath :)


we translate faster and knock em silly. But leechers are the ultimate winner XP


~ by vinnii on April 15, 2011.

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  1. I’m happy FoA will come out soon. What about Dc2-if?

  2. After releasing if07 in probably a day or two, it will be put on hold to focus on Mangaka. A new project of ours in the works will also be delayed due to this.

    So expect a hell of a lot more mangaka in the near future, but dc2if will have to suffer for a bit.

  3. I’m a fan of yours but I wouldn’t say that you’re faster though. you guys are moving at snail pace by now. just saying.

  4. *shrugs*
    We’ve been trying to get editors to join us so that we can release faster. As much as I would love to release weekly, the lot of us do have obligations that need fulfilling. It just so happened that the REAL syndrome struck our editors hard and we’re severely understaffed.

    You can see that we have a rather decent pile of scripts stockpiled, but we don’t have the manpower at the moment to get those out released in a timely manner. I’m aware that our projects are moving rather slowly, but hey we aren’t going to stress ourselves out trying to get these out when people obviously don’t feel like helping us out to do so.

    I want to release faster, but no one wants to help us release faster so we won’t. Simple yeah? With the exception of mangaka at the moment anyway.

  5. Why not do a joint project, or alternate releases with them?

    • @Shoran

      we don’t mind joint projects that much but not with a guy that randomly barges into our project like he owns the place… maybe not that serious but it’s hard to work with a guy who makes such a bad first impression then sound all smug and stuff

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