Way too much crap to do and quite frankly I don’t know if jesus juice is enough to keep me going, but oh well made a commitment and sticking to it. Anyway this will be the last DC2IF in awhile since it will be put on hold so we can release our other projects. Not enough manpower, no one feels like helping, and therefore it falls on to the leader to step up to the plate right? Anyway release schedule will follow in this order (probably):

  1. Mangaka-san Volume 02 (#1 priority at the moment)
  2. Fortune Arterial 23-24 (once proofreads are edited in)
  3. New project (will be released sporadically due to lack of editors)
  4. Mission! School 05 (almost done)
  5. More Fortune Arterial (once I start doing it again)
  6. Fortune Arterial CP (once translation is finished and I get around to it)

So unless I feel like fitting in DC2IF into this schedule, well expect the next chapter in 2+ months at best. The only manga we dropped thus far is Seto no Hanayome due to it being a pain to do. Now I like the mangas we are doing now, but dropping them is a possibility if we can’t maintain at least a 1:1 ratio of editors to translators. Always found it funny how our problem is a lack of editors when we have more than enough translators to keep us very busy…guess that’s life huh?


~ by PimpToad on April 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “tired…”

  1. While it is disappointing since DCII is the one project I look forward to the most, as long as you don’t drop it permanently, we understand and appreciate your efforts.

  2. thanks for voicing your love for DCIIif (we need more of that around here!)

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