epic lulz

Haha so I recently found out that the troll who…well trolled our channel is in fact a member of the other group doing Mangaka-san. So not only are they shitting and bullshitting us on their own website with their lies, but one of their members felt the need to troll us on our own channel. That’s hilarious…

Anyway to celebrate this rather amusing situation, I’m gonna go ahead and release both FoA24 and and MS5! These chapters were both done by our new editor Aaron and expect more from him sometime in the future.

As for a certain troll group…keep it classy guys. Keep it classy!

PS: Also uploaded a v2 for FoA23. Nothing really changed except adding the correct chapter title in the filename… teehee~


~ by PimpToad on May 1, 2011.

4 Responses to “epic lulz”

  1. Thanks for the dual releases!

  2. thanks for the releases :D
    and just ignore the trolls…
    trolls are troll anyway in rl or online so they’re just being who they really are~

  3. dude…..you continue he mission school manga…
    epic thanks, is a great feeling to see dropped project picked up.

    thanks for your hard work.

  4. Hey, thank you for this! I was looking forward to reading the new chapter of FoA!

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