random log #1

[04:44] <xXMagnusXx> These antidepressants typically have fewer adverse effects than the tricyclics or the MAOIs, although such effects as drowsiness, dry mouth, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, decreased appetite, long-term weight gain and decreased ability to function sexually may occur. Some side effects may decrease as a person adjusts to the drug, but other side effects may be persistent.
[04:44] <xXMagnusXx> he only told me about the constant diarrhea
[04:44] <xXMagnusXx> …
[04:45] <~PimpToad> aren’t maos used for anti-parkinson too? o_O
[04:45] <~PimpToad> …yeah they’re an anti-parkinson drug o_O
[04:45] <~PimpToad> ah right
[04:45] <~PimpToad> all anti-depressants kill your libido
[04:45] <~PimpToad> so not only will you be suicidal, you can’t even get your pecker up
[04:45] <~PimpToad> joy
[04:46] <xXMagnusXx> lol
[04:46] <~PimpToad> well no wonder you’re suicidal
[04:46] <~PimpToad> you aren’t a man if you can’t get it up


Mangaka 21 is up


~ by vinnii on May 15, 2011.