The post apocalyptic world…

Been around 9 hours since the rapture struck and I gotta say it was pretty anti-climactic. Besides getting a mild case of some heartburn, nothing really rapture-like happened…hah and I was so looking forward not going to classes this week. Oh well them’s the breaks right?

Anyway new FOA! Things are heating up folks and this chapter was done in a grand total of 2 days…and took a couple of weeks before the proofreading was done! I’ve yet again handed the reins over to another editor who will make his debut on FoA28 so look forward to it!

Also…Sharin fandisc has been fully translated and I’ve finally decided to explore my unhealthy obsession on Infinite Stratos’s reverse trap Charlotte…so needless to say expect nothing from yours truly for awhile, but we got a couple of things lined up for you people so enjoy!? Been awhile since I went “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” on anything and this double dose will cause me to overload on MOE…the not-so-silent killer!

EDIT: Added a v2 to reflect changes I should have made if I actually bothered to proofread after finishing the chapter. Our proofreaders can’t catch em all! =D


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