sad panda…

Well Charlotte got trounced bad against Kanade on Round 7 so we weren’t supposed to do a release this week, but a lot of bitching and some confusion prompted me to do this…Let it be known that I didn’t want to do a release, but I guess I did a bad job of explaining this whole ISML thing huh?

So anyway the ISML necklace (you can think of it as regular season) rounds occur once every 2-3 days (following rounds are posted on the ISML website main page). Of course Charlotte is participating in a match each round, and we most certainly want her to win each round. So long as she keeps winning her matches, then we’ll keep maintaining our normal release schedule – which is pretty much releasing a random manga we have from the series we are doing once a week or more depending on the mood. There is no guarantee that she’ll win a necklace even if she does win all her matches, but vote differential matters in the 8th (last) round so the more votes she has in that round, the better. In the event that she does win a necklace, then we’ll start releasing all the manga we have in succession till we have exhausted our supply (we have quite a bit since we’re lazy in proofreading).

So what happens in the event that Charlotte loses a round? Well she’ll most likely be out of contention for the necklace and  we’ll be skipping a release for a week of all the mangas in our catalog. There will be no release if she loses a round (any round) so I hope our thousands of readers can do us a favor and vote for her so she’ll win and you guys will keep getting a steady stream of manga. This is an effort that must span thousands of people so every vote counts. This entire process takes no more than 5 minutes at most of your time and I think a slight inconvenience is a fair trade for the several hours we spend providing you guys with manga to read…right?

Just keep voting for her en masse to assure her victory and you’ll keep getting weekly releases of manga (only 1 of course since we can’t keep up a 1-a-week schedule on all our mangas). And no I am not trolling any one of you here…the conditions are rather simple on this one. We (as in me and vineh) want her to win and we’ll use our resources (the manga we do) to help us achieve our goal.

Anyway here’s MS6 and VOTE FOR CHARLOTTE!

PS: Thank you very much for those that voted! Got utterly destroyed in Round 7, but hopefully more people will participate as word gets out.


~ by PimpToad on June 5, 2011.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Charlotte, as she was my favorite heroine in IS, but thanks for the release anyway.

  2. Is there a main bracket for all rounds/necklaces somewhere? Do all votes count for a total somewhere or are the votes just per necklace? They sure make it complicated for a simple vote.

    One question to the releases: if *knock on wood* Charlotte loses a round, you hold off on that week’s release. What happens if she loses more than one round per necklace: do you just delay a max of 1 week per necklace or is it a max of 8 weeks delay per necklace since there are 8 rounds? (Thus being 8 rounds x 6 more necklaces = 48 weeks if shes loses every single round.)

    • Yeah the process is a bit convoluted and the way those extra numbers work is a bit bizarre, but let’s keep it simple shall we? All necklace rounds are self-contained and the slate is wiped clean each time we move on to the next necklace (as far as I know anyway). Total votes probably mean something, but I’m not that knowledgeable in the ways of the ISML.

      As for losing a round, well let’s just go with a loss equaling 1 week delay so 1×8 = 8 week delay. This delay is cumulative and will last for the entirety of the ISML’s run. Of course we may still release whenever we feel like it, but the regular schedule will reflect her number of losses as of now.

      • Thanks for the clarification PimpToad/vinnii. Hopefully she’ll win a necklace; she’s pretty popular.

        Also, thanks for your continued work on the translations!

  3. though the max delay is 4 weeks so don’t worry too much XD

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