3 losses and counting…

So with Charlotte having a poor showing during this Sapphire period and my general lack of interest in editing at the moment, well I suppose it’s safe to say a lot of the projects we have now at the moment are in hiatus of sorts. No clue when I’ll feel like like editing again (or someone edits for me *wink wink*), but projects I’m editing are stalled.

We still have a couple of stuff lined up for release…though even those still need to be looked over since everyone right now is just feeling lazy…must be the heat or something huh?

Anyway we may have a release this week…probably…if we can get around to finalizing that MS chapter…


~ by PimpToad on July 18, 2011.

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  1. Let’s face it … Charlotte is doomed to fail :P That infinite stratos dude is blind as shit when it comes to (hot) girls I tell you :S

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