Summer Heat

Apparently means we enter a lazy, hibernation state when it comes to editing. So before we get to the goodies (or why you people are here to begin with), a quick update on our current operations.

DC2IF – will also be on hold since i’m swamped with other stuff and of course i’ve been feeling lazy lately.

FoA – will be a on hold after this release due to excel being awol for a month or two and due to hawk being away for awhile so no editor too. the translator part we can handle ourselves, but we need editors either way since we’re short-handed after losing our ace.

FoACP – should be released relatively soon once hawk is done with it.

Hentai – we’ll drop since the other group/person isn’t really interested in a joint so eh. our version of chapter 2 will be released whenever.

Henshin – is progressing smoothly…well more like agent is swamped with stuff too so who knows when it’ll be edited?

Karasaka – lazy translator is lazy…no eta for this one.

Kokoro – vineh is a bit iffy on translating this one and we also lost our editor on this one. so either someone decides to step up as editor or i’ll get around to this…eventually…maybe?

Mangaka – well you can see that some crazy guy translated and edited all those chapters in one go so yeah obviously dropped. we’ll release our version of v2 whenever.

Mission – in the proofread/qc process, but editor is out somewhere so no eta.

So yeah in a nutshell…we need editors. The campaign for Charlotte is more or less done now that no one here can be bothered to work on anything at a reasonable rate, but I would still appreciate it if people would still vote for her. Anyway yeah…dunno if things will pick up, but we’re still more or less active.

With that out of the way…enjoy FoA29! FoA30 will be out god knows when? =D



~ by PimpToad on July 31, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for the release – hope you’re able to solve your staff issues soon!

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