wow a month?

Huh been a month since we last made a post here about something…though yeah no real progress made over the past month as summer has proved to be one hell of a season for us. We are by no means dead (just looks like it), but it’ll take awhile until our next release. If any other groups want to pick up on some projects we are slacking on then do contact us. We have some half-finished stuff lying around that we need to get around finishing and better to make use of it rather than start over from scratch.

Anyway yeah we’re still alive (sort of) and our projects will get released…eventually…


~ by PimpToad on September 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “wow a month?”

  1. lol,i keep chcking everyday for some progress xD

  2. Heh just join and lurk our chan if you want…but yeah nothing much in terms of progress. Maybe we’ll be more active come the fall season, but we do have a couple of things lined up for release.

    And yes I’m aware that FoA has finished and we WILL get it done.

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