and so two are put in limbo…

Well here’s Mushi21 and Mangaka22-24 from us over here at NL. Yeah yeah I know Mangaka-san is caught up now, but we’ve had these couple of chapters lying around here for god knows how long now and may as well release them. As for Mushi…well sad to say we have to put it on hold/drop it altogether given that our translator for it is too busy and left our group. So yeah Mushi21 is the last Mushi until another translator comes along and decides to help or another group picks it up.

A quick update on our other projects:
DC2IF is still on hold since the vineh is busy.
FoA+CP is experiencing some issues with hawk being busy and our new editor ford going awol after being raped by the typhoons that recently hit the Philippines.
Hentai Ouji is of course dropped since we couldn’t collaborate with the other group.
Henshin is still ongoing, but of course busy people over here.
Karasaka is also ongoing, but coolmod is a lazy translator.
Kokoro may be dropped altogether due to lack of interest…unless we can be persuaded.
Mission School is also still ongoing, but its a pain to edit so yeah…any editors interested?

Well there you have it…though I suppose I’ll add some good news here. We are going to continue Akuma no Ikenie so expect more demon/miko tit manga action! Of course it will still be a join with SDS since I don’t wanna edit it.

So yeah…it would be much appreciated if we can get editors who will actually churn out stuff…


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  1. Thanks for these chapters. :D

  2. Kokoro is becoming the new KyoAni Animu

    Is that enough persuasion?

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