so uhhhhhh

Right like Akeno-san…whatever manga that me and coolmod did awhile back on the irc in realtime (as in i’m editing right as he is translating and posting the script), another such project came to be today. Now I was in a relatively good mood after a nice good round to end the bf3 beta (eat my knife you fucking glitching asshole), so why the hell not? 3 hours later and I’m reminded of why doing this sucks and I’m never doing it again…till the next time around anyway.

So yeah 1 Love 9…no clue what the hell its about since I couldn’t be bothered to read the first 2 chapters, but apparently its about some 3 lucky bastards in an all girls school or something. They get treated like slaves and are apparently against it, but oh they’ll learn to love it and discover a new path in life.

Don’t mind the shitty editing…what else do you expect out of me? But yeah no real clue if we plan on continuing this one since its more of a random ass thing. Maybe with enough interest and most importantly a dedicated editor to clean/typeset this one will certainly help. Oh yeah and this chapter wasn’t proofread at all so whatever mistakes are on it…are on it.

Anyway with that rant out of the way…the download link is at the oneshots section. Boy haven’t done one of those in ages!


~ by PimpToad on October 10, 2011.

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  1. If you decide to continue this, awesome.
    If not, that’s understandable.
    Thanks for doing this though

  2. Well I don’t want to edit it so someone has to step up if you guys want more. Leaving it up to the readers to decide if we should continue this one.

  3. Cheers

  4. Sorry, i can’t comment in this entry >>>
    I’m Reishou, leader of MMKTeam, a translation group which come from Viet Nam. We must translate this project to Vietnamese. But we can’t find raw version of it. So, Can U agree for that, we use your scanlation to translate.
    P/S: Sorry about my english +_+

    • Well I don’t know why you didn’t just make a forum account or join the irc channel, but sure go nuts. Our policy on other groups is right up there and is rather lenient. Much appreciated you actually asked for permission though.

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