And here we are today…

On the 11th day, of the 11th month, on the 11th year of the 2nd millenia…well I’ve got nothing else witty to add to that. So yes…a quadruple release on a once in a century (possibly lifetime) event. I mean not everday something as meaningless as the dates corresponding to a single number occurs right? Well granted today is Veteran’s Day…so happy Veteran’s Day!

First let’s start off with FoACP…now its done! So that’s yet another project completed…which should have been completed around 4 months ago since the script has been around since June…*shrugs* Anyway many thanks to the people involved who made this possible. Which we would know if we actually had credits pages or if I didn’t decide to remove the e-peen list on each project page…*shrugs*

Long overdue (well not really considering who we are), but here’s yet another chapter of yandere! Btw I had no clue wtf was going on as I edited this chapter…quite frankly it made no sense to me. But its rather humorous and has nudity! Yay!

Last but not the least…another chapter of FoA! I’ll be commandeering this project for the next couple of chapters so expect around 1-2 more before the year is over. Sheesh 2011 is almost over already? Time goes by fast… Anyway also uploaded a v2 of FoA29 to reflect a translation fix on page something.

Anyway since pretty much no one opposed me on this, we will now randomly have releases in pdf format. The regular release (images) will still be available, just not here for around a week or so…or whenever I get around to updating the link. Now why are we doing this? Well its not because we’re jumping on the bandwagon hating on online readers or anything…someone on the irc suggested it and sure why not let’s do it!

So yeah today’s releases will be in pdf format here on the site. You can grab the regular image archive on our irc channel. We don’t have any bots so stop using !list the moment you get on!


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  1. Why PDF? I demand alternatives!

  2. pdf? o.o although i’m surprised thank you nonetheless for translating all these different mangas

  3. “You can grab the regular image archive on our irc channel.”

  4. A question,
    Where do I get Chapter 1-3 from of Fortune Arterial – Character’s Prelude?
    The group that scanned them is down and I don’t seem to find it on Online readers

  5. Too lazy to find a download link, but here:

  6. I appreciate your work, but releasing the image files only on irc sucks if people don’t know how to use it (or dont want to install it, is it required? i have no idea). I would be totally fine with a 1 or 2 week delay or something though, so please reconsider :)

  7. Thanks for the new chapters!

    I think it’s pretty stupid to release in pdf format considering it doesn’t work with any reader as far as I know, but as long as I can still get the regular releases from your archive link I’ll be happy.

    Oh, and for those looking for previous chapters, try:

  8. The image files will eventually be available here no more than a week after release…assuming I don’t forget.

    • Why don’t you put up both versions here on the site from the get go?

      If, as you say, you’re not doing this as a way to combat online readers, and you already have the image files available on your archive anyway for those who log on to IRC, what’s the point of not putting both links up here from the start and letting people choose which they prefer to download?

      I don’t know; as it stands now it just sounds like a really weird policy that I can’t see any point to.

      • “someone on the irc suggested it and sure why not let’s do it!” is why I did this. Too much work for multiple releases, but single should work fine.

        Well I have to say I want to make people go the extra mile to get the best version available. And it’s not much work at all…just go to the irc chan and grab the link from there. A version for reading is easily available on this site and the regular archive will make its way here relatively soon. So either go the extra mile or wait?

        And this is by no means a policy as a group. Something I just decided to do because I can and will continue to do so long as I want to (or someone in the group complains about it).

  9. If it wasn’t for different timezones you could probably add “11th hour, 11th minute and 11th second”…
    Pls, your usage of “everyday” is wrong as it should be in the form of two words.

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