So turns out the loli is actually a shota…that displeases me.

Anyway here’s the next chapter of yandere because I felt like doing it and I got cwhip to translate it all today. I’m also releasing this in pdf because I want to. Download it or not…whatever. I was pleasantly amused by what mangafox did with our FoA release yesterday and the changes to the pdf reflect that amusement.

I have also arbitrarily decided to put a ‘delay’ on our releases. Now all that really means is that the image archives won’t be available until 24-72hrs…whichever one I feel like using. The main release format will be pdf first, images later. See we’re trying to be like other groups too!

And that’s all for now!


~ by PimpToad on November 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “TRAP!”

  1. ORIGINAL CONTENT DO NOT STEAL. BUY LEGALITY COOL MANGA. Yeah I rather drop a series than go along with watermarking and pdf faggotry because someone else profits from your stolen content. Why even scanlate at all if you are so anally bothered by shitfox and shithere stealing your scans? I’m certain it’s better if you just license the series (yeah I would actually buy a copy). Then you could actually send a DMCA notice to these sites if you feel like owning the right to distribute the manga instead of illegally distributing it.

  2. Then go ahead and drop it. That’s the kind of response I was hoping for and thanks for providing me with some entertainment.

    And I “scanlate” because I damn well please to do so. I don’t need some kind of noble goal to do whatever the hell I want to do.

    No one has to read our releases and you aren’t obligated to do so.

  3. lol ungrateful readers? The pdf is just pimptoad acting like a kid with a new toy. You can’t possibly ask the rest of the group to take away his new toy right? It’s too cruel. Besides, you have to admit, the responses are hilarious.

  4. should I feel guilty of saying to toad to go on with the pdf idea??? lol

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