oh hey another chapter!

[04:36] <CoolMod> “This is for you Mangafox”

So here’s another release of some good old yandere and we’re nearing the end…just 2 chapters left to go. We started at midnight on this chapter, had some mishaps as usual, and more or less finished at the line above. Anyway you can see that I decided not to do any trolling this time around, but I’m not out of the fight yet!

Anyway it seems like our joint with SDS may hit the crapper so we need some editors for Mission School, Akuma no Ikenie, and a new project of ours I don’t want to edit. So yeah if you guys want to see more, then go find me editors!

And let me just state this for the record. Nayuki_Love does not have any issues with any online reader whatsoever. What I decide to do is either influenced by members of the group or are arbitrarily-made decisions by myself influenced by whatever is happening at the time. My decision to troll our own releases was not influenced by an online reader (though Charlotte not winning a necklace did have an influence).

So yeah if I start trolling again in some fashion…you’ll know if it was caused by such external factors.


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  1. Thanks for all the chapters. :)

  2. It’s all good 8D The joints are relatively safe…. at least for Akuma.

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