okay we really need editors

[20:19] <~PimpToad> eromod, wanna do a turkey day release?
[20:29] <CoolMod121> yeah I guess

Yeah yeah Happy Turkey day, etc…Let’s get down to business shall we?

I (PimpToad) am now the sole editor of 7 active projects here at NL. For some reason or another, at least 3 of my dependable editors are out of action for an undetermined amount of time. Being the lazy bastards that we are, 4 guys on 8 projects is already a bit steep for us…much less 1 guy on 7 (good thing we have a joint going).

Now I’ll keep doing the manga I want to read and the rest will probably be dropped due to lack of manpower. If you all don’t want that to happen…well we need help plain and simple. That is all.

Anyway new project (see how dumb we are picking up another project when we have no one to edit it?) called Baby Princess. Apparently a light novel and a single episode OVA. Plot is about some dude who has a face you just want to punch being adopted into a family of 19? daughters of varying ages…from toddercon to onee-san. Probably the only one left out is milf, but I’m sure that will be fixed in the upcoming chapters. Which may or may not happen depending on whether we get help or not…

So yeah read, enjoy, and get someone who can edit or this will probably be the last one of this.


~ by PimpToad on November 24, 2011.

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  1. Hey, i couldnt find your forum to ask (maybe its the web blocker my parents have on my itouch or just the itouch itself and the mobil interface) but id like to join as an unexperianced, if unexperianced, editor or proofreader… Depending. Being unexperianced, i am unshure as to what exactly goes into each, but it sounds as though for editor youd photoshop out words in and/or out and clean it up, and as proof reader youd read over for spelling, grammer, flow, and the likes, right? Correct me if im wrong and please reply, this would be awesome!

    Thanks again,

  2. Well you could have just replied at the newer topic, but yeah we’re still interested in people joining. Though at the moment we are rather caught up and there’s nothing new to do, but we do have a few things lying around that need editing if you’re interested. Would be good experience at the very least. If you’re still interested, well we have a forums or you can join our irc (irc is preferred).

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