huh completely forgot about this

<xXMagnusXx> you really are a lazy bum -.-

So yeah…turns out we had another script of KC sitting around since Jun 23, 2011…that I should have probably done…but oh well no point crying over spilled milk. So yeah this was translated by the vineh before he disappeared to lands unknown (heard he got kicked by a roo and eaten by a dingo). This also debuts our newest ace editor Giong…seriously wtf my edits never look that good. He’ll be leading our Baby Princess project (well if we get the money for it anyway) and other stuff we can hopefully get him to do.

So yeah read, enjoy, KC3 may come before the end of the year. After that? Ah well who knows…don’t really care much for this one so convince somebody else in the group to support it.

PS: So Giong pointed out to me that our usual png8 doesn’t really work well for this manga. KC2 is uploaded in png24 so filesize is a bit large. KC1 may get redone/uploaded to png24 since the release doesn’t look that great. Quality isn’t that great when lord toad doesn’t look over the scans! (well looks worse than it usually is anyway).


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  1. Thanks for the release. :)

  2. Thanks For the release

  3. awesome,

  4. awesome, hope you keep releasing it

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