So I finally make a post :D

Well I guess this would happen some day. I guess you guys might be waiting for more releases, so here’s henshin for ya :D! idk why but I tend to write with tons of faces so bear with me ;).

Also some shameless recruiting :P, I’m interested in editing some new stuff. atm someone and I have been contemplating taking up tokyo ravens and/or ane comi (specially me). Sadly we don’t have a t/l with time to t/l it so I’m gonna go and ask for you to join us :P. I know you want those releases badly ;) so yeah come and talk to us at our forum or join us in our irc channel.

Guess that would be all for my first post on our blog, hope to see you all later :P


~ by xxmagnusnlxx on December 9, 2011.