financial troubles?

Well here’s the penultimate chapter of good old yandere…wonder how it will end?

Anyway bigger problem! Well not really…we just want people who read our releases online to do so at since we are using their ad program thing (dunno much about it since I didn’t set it up) to help generate some revenue for us. Of course we’re only doing this because we need funds to buy scans for Baby Princess and whatever other manga we decide to do in the future. It would be much appreciated if you guys took your reading pleasure to Batoto. Not only will you get to read the scans in its original quality, you also get to help us out! It’s a win-win! The goal for the first payout is 70 Euros so…do read at Batoto!

We also have a new proofreader in jaimehlers who will be lending his English skills to our group! Oh and we also need a jap translator…but who doesn’t right?

Well read, enjoy, and expect more from us in the coming weeks!


~ by PimpToad on December 14, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. batoto , no resize no watermark , respect the teamwork what else to say.

  3. Indeed batoto is good…so please do read our stuff from there!

  4. It might help if you link to the chapters at Batoto in your release announcements :p

  5. duly noted

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