4th Anniversary Get!

4 years ago…a certain man decided to embark on the wonderful journey known as manga editing. This young lad knew not what such an endeavor entailed, but nonetheless he pursued such a path. Releases were horrendous at best during those dark times, but he managed to improve himself through the years. That 1 man became 2, then 3, and suddenly he found himself surrounded by an assorted cast of merry men and women to form the group you see today. While many are no longer with us today, their contributions to the group will be remembered in some way. Maybe not in some grand fashion like some well-known names out there, but they will always hold the distinction of being members of NL…if that counts for much of anything. Though of course while those departed will not be forgotten, those who are still with NL deserve their own fair share of recognition. This group would not exist without the skills they bring forth to the table and for that I am grateful. I know this sounds freakish coming from how I usually act, but I can be serious too every now and then.

As for current events, our recent actions have been quite different from how we’ve operated for the past 4 years. Though I suppose a lot of these actions are mostly of my own doing while there are a few made by various members of their own volition, but this marks a new age in our general mentality as a group. Granted most of the people in NL probably don’t care much either way, we are still able and willing to do whatever we want and get the job done. In essense…nothing much has changed has it?

Well at this point I’m just rambling so I’l get back to my usual dumb self. Not exactly sure if 4 years is much of an accomplishment, but I certainly hope we can turn that 4 into a 5 12 months from now. Enjoy the releases as we actually worked our asses off this past week to get these out this fast. Got a nice lineup in FoA33, MS8, and the last chapter of yandere (now with guro).

Happy birthday to us, to Nayuki, to Vineh and of course have a Happy Festivus!

PS: I will no longer address anything related to the troll FoA33. It was meant as a troll and if you were trolled well tough. Go learn how to discern obvious hints the next time around.


~ by PimpToad on December 23, 2011.

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  1. I knew about you since i read the alternative of Futakoi over 2 years ago but i never commented here xD.

    Congrast Nayuki Love!

  2. Thanks!

  3. I have to say I’ve loved your work guys over the last couple years, Congratulations on 4 years, and i hope to congratulate you on many more.

  4. Congratulation and thank you for finishing Karakasa no Saien!

  5. Congrats on the milestone and for the new releases! Looking forward to seeing more from you guys over the next year. ;)

  6. Happy 4 anniversary!!!!!!!

  7. Bono thanks you.

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