Small update

Well probably no releases for the month of February (call it a crusade against Black History Month) due to some issues we are having with our ad revenue from Google. That does not mean we have been idle (well I am, but not my intrepid team)! We have a couple of releases lined up for when our issue is resolved, and I reckon if things go well for releases to resume next month. The recent spike in activity is also due to our new translator and editor working at a rate none of us can be bothered to match. They will be introduced once their works are released.

Well that’s all for now…oh and ISML 2012 GO CHARLOTTE!


~ by PimpToad on February 17, 2012.

7 Responses to “Small update”

  1. Hi I love what you do. I would like to know if you are still doing Mission! School, 1 Love 9 and Baby Princess thanks for reading

  2. Yes we are back on track with mission school and baby princess. Expect releases for those sometime soon. 1 Love 9…well for the moment no real interest on it from any editors so still on hiatus.

  3. What do you mean a ‘cruscade’???

  4. Thanks! Thanks a lot for your work it is much appreciated

  5. I don’t want to sound pushy but could you give a release date on the Baby Princess and Mission School

  6. *shrugs*
    Never was a big fan of Black History Month.

    And no expected release date since people here tend to do things whenever the hell they want.

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