so yeah…

Well it turns out that I’ve had this chapter of Baby Princess lying around my drive for more than a month now and only now is it being released…oh and no one bothered to proofread it either! We here at NL run a well-oiled machine…

I have no clue where this manga is heading, but can’t complain too much considering the massive harem…or well I suppose “family” the dude has going for him right now…even if he does have an annoying face.


~ by PimpToad on March 3, 2012.

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  1. Lol Thanks for the release.

  2. The project page doesn’t seem to have related characters, or does it?

  3. FIle from mediafire

    error seem to related to you

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  4. thanks

    the art reminds me of haruka nogizaka manga, must be the same artist

  5. The mediafire link works just fine and there is always the divshare mirror you can use if it fails.

    And the project page is arbitrarily random unless I find a good enough image to use related to the project in question.

    And we’re back in business with all the new blood we have running around so things should get done in a more…acceptable pace.

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