+1 and we need another editor

[20:51] <Harrstein> erotoad you better released foa when i wake up tomorrow
[20:52] <~PimpToad> yeah yeah yeah

Well here’s something we don’t do often…another release so soon after the previous one! FoA35 has long since been overdue for release and that’s due to a number of factors (laziness, alcohol, and an ungodly proofreading process to name a few).

Now since I mentioned laziness…it has fallen up to yours truly to resume work on FoA36 with whitey indisposed indefinitely. I haven’t been in much of an editing mood lately so expect long, long delays unless someone steps up to the plate. We also have FoA37 fully translated and ready for editing…but again laziness and of course hawk busy blowing his instrument. This leaves a rather apathetic me in charge of FoA…which won’t end well for people interested in FoA.

Welp that’s that. Either we get an interim editor to pick up the slack for FoA or don’t expect the next chapters anytime soon.


~ by PimpToad on April 2, 2012.

6 Responses to “+1 and we need another editor”

  1. /me prepares a bat for whacking erotoad

  2. if you dont mind i’d like to help you with FoA, my email here is the real one, so please email me if you are interested

  3. Thanks for the new chapter!

  4. Thank you very much for this chapter and the all manga.
    It’s a wonderfull vampire story, i love it.

  5. Assuming that leonne is not able to help in a quick enough fashion with FoA 36+, I’d be glad to help. I’ve got no restrictions on when I can do it, as I’ve got a very large amount of free time.

    You can either toss me an e-mail, leave me (`Derek on IRCHighway) a memo on the IRCHighway server in #uprod or #simple-scans, or my own group’s site that I’ve provided for the comment.

    I tried to sign up on the forums to post there, but despite dozens of tries, it told me the confirmation code was wrong every single time.

  6. Hi i’d like to help. Does the editor makes sure the english is good and stuff or the images? I’m pretty sure i can do both. Please email me evil.bob2@gmail.com if you want me to help.

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