Really we appreciate it…

but as of right now we don’t have enough translators to keep pace with the number of people applying for editors. I’m grateful for the people who have decided to help us out, but sadly we just don’t have the supply to meet the demand at the moment. Anyway not saying you can’t join anymore, but you just won’t have anything to do besides hang out in our irc channel and chew the fat.

Of course this can change if we get more translators…

Anyway projects being translated by CoolMod are on indefinite hold until he gets settled in Japan. This means we only have 2 active translators at the moment (well really just 1 if you think about it) so only FoA and Henshin are getting some love. We should be releasing a chapter of henshin soon (no QC ftw) and FoA36 is pretty much done…I think? I dunno too lazy to check right now so yeah!


~ by PimpToad on April 17, 2012.

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  1. and eromod better be fast. so i can finish 2 chaps of akuma

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