So in turns out I’m supposed to be the person doing all the releases around here…who knew? Anyway here’s the henshin chapter sitting around for who knows how long. I don’t even recall reading it…did I even proofread it? Well anyway here it is?

Should have another chapter or so to release whenever the proofreading gets done. I feel so lost and confused doing this. Hopefully this situation will be remedied come the next release. (As in a game does not have my complete and undivided attention).

Oh and saving everything in 256 colors now. Dunno if there will be any noticeable improvement in quality, but file sizes will be a few MB larger ya?


~ by PimpToad on May 5, 2012.

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  1. “…Dunno if there will be any noticeable improvement in quality…”
    only if there are some really smooth gradients

    anyway, am glad to know i’m getting the best :3

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