So it turns out we’re still alive and doing manga. Who knew? Here’s some new Baby Princess…which will most likely be dropped after we finish the batch of translations we have due to sheer boredom. I made my thoughts known…the lead male looks like a bitch. Anyway erosensei finds it boring so those who like this project…well we’ll see.

Also as for FoA, we’re still chugging along but Empathy from FTH Scans is finding our work too slow (hell I think it’s slow and I’m lazy as hell). They may finish it off after we release FoA39…we’ll see. With that read, enjoy, etc.


~ by PimpToad on September 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “CLEAR!”

  1. That to bad that you’ll drop baby princess but I don’t know how the story goes to judge you for dropping it

  2. Thanks for the the new chapter!

  3. thanks for the new chapter, still hope you’ll continue bany princess

  4. we still have 2 chaps inbound.

    i just need some time to push eromod to fix the TLs

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