a new chapter!?

As per tradition here at NL, I make some promise about getting chapters out as fast as possible. Reality dictates that 1-2 week releases become a 3-month affair of pain and suffering due to our convoluted editing process. This chapter was translated in August nd took only a few days for our speedy editor leonne to complete, yet here we are in November just releasing it…

Never let it be said that we’re efficient…

But anyway here’s FoA39 and the first chapter of the very last volume! We’re actually in the home stretch now and should be finished…ah screw it I’m not even gonna bother as I’ll just end up jinxing us again and next thing you know it’s March and still no Foa40…

So yeah read, enjoy, and I gotta go see what other crap I’ve forgotten to release sitting in our forums…later.


~ by PimpToad on November 30, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for the release – it’s great to see a new chapter of this!

  2. Thank you for the release. Real life also can be a pain so I also agree that whenever a new chapter of FoA is release I am happy about it.

  3. the last volume i am happy and sad. sad because this is a good manga and happy because it is a good manga that i really like reading

  4. What happened about the other group finishing the series?

    • They stopped a loooooong time ago…

      • I’m talking about FTH scans finishing the manga. It was mentioned in the last news post.

        • Oh evidently Empathy couldn’t assemble the team needed to start work on FoA. Well that and he’s no longer in FTH…I think?

          • I see, how about releasing the translations on MangaHelpers.com? If the translation is publicly available someone may be willing to typeset it.

  5. A very big thanks for this chapter, i love Fortune Arterial.
    And it’s a good works, my gratitude ;)

  6. thx for the chapter , i really enjoy the story! Hope you guys dedicated to the next chapter as soon and well :)

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