yet another joint release

I have no clue what we’re releasing btw. Just skimmed the chapter and saw nudity and lolis…not sure on the order but both were there! And I think we all know that’s really all that matters in life. So I think this is chapter…07 of Princess Lover? Should be in batoto and the ricesomething group Tira runs. So that’s that…link at the bottom since I can’t be bothered to create a project page for it. Don’t forget the tissues!

So yeah here’s the next chapter brought to you by Tira and the Brostein.
Princess Lover 08

Edit: Apprently this is supposed to be chapter 08, but Tira doesn’t want to reupload so there.


~ by PimpToad on December 7, 2012.

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  1. actually chapter 8 and iwuvkaywkee (orsomethinglikethat)

    that said, BOOOOOOOZE

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