And so another year ends…

I regret forgetting to release anything on the 23rd to celebrate another year here at NL, but I suppose that’s what happens when you don’t care as much these days about manga editing in general. To make up for this gross oversight, we went ahead and worked overtime (overtime for this lazy ass group anyway) to bring you folks FoA40 to herald the end of the year! Hell also forgot to do an ‘end of the world’ release…bleh really slipping here.

We also (surprisingly enough) have a new translator in our ranks and he has expressed interest in doing 1 Love 9. I say expressed, but our intrepid young translator has already translated 3 chapters of the manga. We are currently looking for any editors that are interested in doing 1L9. We usually accept any enthusiastic folk regardless of previous experience or skill, but we will need someone more capable this time around as the raws are rather bad. We may also revive a few of our stagnant projects but as always I’m not making any promises.

So that’s that… One of my new year’s resoluions is to be more active with my duties in this group. Hopefully it will last so we can actually get more things done…maybe?

Anyway enjoy the chapter, we need an editor for 1L9, and enjoy the new year!


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. happy new year and thank!!!!

  3. Thank you, may god bless you all ! Happy new year nayuki love :)

  4. thanks for the chapter. i really appreciate it.

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