So one unfulfilled new year’s resolution later and here we are… Anyway was planning on doing this little housecleaning a month ago but as always delays are inevitable when you do things for free. This chapter of Henshin has been sitting here for several months already and I don’t even think it’s fully edited yet, but gonna release it anyway since the editor working on it disappeared. This chapter of 1L9 has only been around for a couple of weeks and is done with a joint with RinceWND. I think Rince here is working on a Russian? version of 1L9 in conjuction with editing this for us in English. So if you read/speak Russian then its worth checking it out…assuming you can find it since I don’t have a link for it.

So yeah other than this looooooong overdue release there’s nothing else new to report. Can probably use an editor or two to work on some of the stockpile translations we have left, but not under much pressure to get those out anyway so no big loss on my end if no one wants to edit it. This just means it will be releases…whenever? Well enjoy!


~ by PimpToad on February 17, 2013.

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  1. btw guys 2nd volume of Ane Komi was released, i plan to buy it. do you plan to resume this series, or can i help you? also if you tled any of the next chapters, we can start a joint project. editor from simple-scans.

    • Well the translator we conned into doing anecomi chapters for us is busy and the other translator we rely on to work on random projects disappeared. At this moment I don’t think a joint is possible…but well who knows?

  2. and now also on potato >.>

    getting old pimptoad?

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