so about that 1L9

Funny how the only reason things are getting done around here is because of a guy who wants to release 1L9 to Russian. Life sure is weird huh? Well anyway here’s another chapter of 1L9. Manga is actually growing on me…not that it matters at all. As for our other projects…well they’re being worked on at the “usual” pace. So still alive and still doing things at a snail’s pace. Nothing to see here…


~ by PimpToad on April 8, 2013.

5 Responses to “so about that 1L9”

  1. Thx for your work, i hope you wil get from snail’s pace to rabbits pace ;p

  2. thanks

  3. thnx for the release

  4. I appreciate ur effort :)

  5. May I know if the 1L9 RAW you had is the double-page scan with occasional gutter shadow? I’d been trying to obtain a clean volume 1 RAW (if there’s one) for my personal reading once my Japanese improve. Since the other two volume I have is pre-cleaned, I was wondering if a cleaned version exist and if you can link me to it.

    With that said, best wishes in your translation effort :D.

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