I’m making paella

Got a leftover can of spam sitting around most likely collecting some mold right now so may as well put it to good use! Anyway here’s another chapter FoA that’s at least a couple months overdue because of people being busy…ah well who am I kidding? Release was delayed because no one really wanted to work on it. We have only 2 more chapters left before we’re done with this thing and god only knows when they’ll be released. I can at least say with confidence that we’ll release them this year!

Since we’re nearing the end of our main project here at NL, I suppose its time to discuss where we’re going from here. I’ve expressed interest in finishing DC2IF and I am hoping I can rope one of our translators to pick up where old Vineh (he never did recover from being bitten by a dingo) left off. Other than that…well nothing really new other than hopefully getting our other projects back on track. Though hey we’re all getting older and overall interest on doing what we’ve been doing have been waning.

Other than the doom and gloom…well enjoy the chapter!


~ by PimpToad on June 15, 2013.

4 Responses to “I’m making paella”

  1. Really happy to see a new chapter of this – keeping my fingers crossed for the remaining ones as well!

    Thanks for the release!

  2. Thanks for the Chapter, thought you Guys are Dead or something along the Line. I´m happy to see that I was wrong :D

  3. Heh at least its good to know we still have people following us.

  4. I’m always waiting for the next chapter in full anticipation ;p so I also check out what you guys are up to~

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