Oh hey another milestone!

One of the things I want to accomplish when this group was first created was to break the 1TB download barrier. Mediafire is reporting that we have hit 1.02TB so I guess we reached that milestone! I think I’ve pretty much accomplished most of everything I wanted to in this group…except I do really want to finish DC2IF, but no one wants to translate it :(

Anyway here’s another chapter of 1L9. Releases are sort of fast since MangaCat is doing a great job of carrying the editing load while Ryo seems to be in a translating mood. The editing certainly won’t be this fast anymore as they are about to start another semester so we really need editors to carry the weight. Granted I don’t really care either way since I’m not that big a fan of 1L9, but if you guys want regular releases then we’ll need some regular help.

Also need editing help on other projects too, but hey since I’m not all that interested in those projects I certainly don’t mind if we do end up dropping them.


~ by PimpToad on August 30, 2013.