too lazy

Since I don’t feel like writing anything new for this release, I’ll just copy/paste the previous one I did.

Since we’re on the subject of CoolMod, there are some updates regarding the stuff he’s translating. Baby Princess is dropped due to it being boring and he has expressed interest in starting to translate Mission School again. Other than BP being dropped, take the “announcement” concerning MS with a grain of salt. So if we release a new chapter, then great! If not, well I’m not an advocate for it since it’s not my kind of manga and we don’t exactly have a lot of active staff at the moment. You all who even bother reading this should be aware of my stance now.

If you want us to do a manga we’ve neglected for who knows how long, then help out. Unlike other groups, we aren’t lacking in willing translators. Oh and if you actually want a comment or whatever answered by me, then actually ask it on our irc chan/forums since I don’t exactly make it a habit of keeping track of comments a week after release.

So yeah enjoy!?


~ by PimpToad on October 13, 2013.

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  1. thanks for Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A

  2. Mission school..Mission school..Mission school.. Please update thank you ^_^

  3. wow its good to know you’re working on mission school again… i hope you will update the chapters soon…… thank you… happy Holloween.. enjoy the holidays.

  4. ahmmm.. are guys still active?

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