new projects?

So on our forums we’ve had this project for roughly a year and a half now. Finally got around to releasing this…even though I’m not even sure myself if we’re actually doing this. I was told to make the projects page and release it so…there. Enjoy princess lover? Really not sure if we’re going to continue this as I have no clue what the hell is going on…

Oh we’re also doing donations for some projects in need of raws (Akuma no Ikenie). Also have no idea how that’s going to work since CoolMod is the one doing it and I just added the page, but yeah if you’re interested please do consider clicking the Donate! link to spare a few dollars. I was told we need at least $15 at the moment to get the rest of Akuma no Ikenie as well as to pay for shipping. I know that we’re not exactly that reliable in terms of release schedules, but we will get it out when money is involved…eventually.

But yeah if you wanna donate, then great we’ll keep on doing Akuma after we run out of scans. If not…well there’s other fish in the sea I guess.


~ by PimpToad on February 15, 2014.

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  1. first link for the princess lover chapter 1 on mediafire is not work. when i click the download it takes a while before nothing happens. can you fix that cause i been trying to get it?

  2. Download from the 4shared mirror if the mediafire link doesn’t work. It’s why we have a mirror after all!

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