so we have a pirate on the team…

And apparently he has a little trouble with reading things online. So yeah that in a nutshell explains the slight delay (which is par for the course for any NL loyalist…if we even have any) on Akuma7. We are also issuing a V2 on Akuma6 as we have little to no quality control and there were some errors in translation…or something like that. Either way also something par for the course here so what are you going to do?

We have also misplaced Rince and his crew so the next chapter of Maou has been sitting in limbo for a week now? So yeah just have a translation sitting around since hey I’m not going to edit it. We would appreciate it if you guys could locate our missing collaborators or possibly get us a temp editor who can match their skills. I mean seriously…their work makes mine look like crap.

So yeah our pirate needs more meds, akuma7 and akuma6v2, and lack of Maou. Think that about covers everything?

Oh right! Akuma7 was brought to you by our new editor Jidan (pretty sure I already introduced him) and Akuma 6 by Nica (also pretty sure I did the same with her) so yeah. If you notice any differences in their editing styles…well whatever.


~ by PimpToad on May 3, 2014.

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  1. So casual! So cool!

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