and here’s another one and done

Finally mustered up the motivation and with EroMod’s help, we present you guys with a chapter of Regios Missing Mail! I’ve always wanted to pick up this manga, but wow did those edits kick my ass. You can see how much they kicked my ass with my brilliant new editing technique. So yeah as this is too tedious to do…one and done!

Hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I (sort of) enjoyed editing it! Whether you’ll get to see another chapter is quite the long shot, but that’s only if I remain the editor. On the other hand, if someone wants to help out…

Here’s the link as I’m too lazy to make a page for a project that’s most likely a one-and-done!?

EDIT: v2 up since we can never get it right the first time!


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  1. thank you very much! :D

  2. \o/

  3. Thanks for the Missing Mail chapter!! :)

  4. “my loli”

    wtf??!! troll?

  5. Thank you for the chapter.

    Is there going to be an update on page 50?

  6. Thank you very much for the chapter :)

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