wait why is my name on the credits page?

I didn’t even do anything…

Well anyway 2 years after CoolMod started the translation and never finished it, here’s the next chapter of Baby Princess! Maybe we’ll actually get to finish this (oh I just hurt myself laughing) in the future? Also all 4shared links are down as it somehow got a takedown notice and I don’t wanna deal with that crap. So yeah mediafire only for now unless they take down stuff too?


~ by PimpToad on October 15, 2014.

8 Responses to “wait why is my name on the credits page?”

  1. A mediafire is fine too…


  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  3. Hey there thank’s alot for BP it’s pretty cute~
    I hope you can make some progress with it 2 years 1 chap is kinda killing x(
    Please keep it flowing~

    Greeting’s Touka.

  4. BIG THANKS for continuing baby princess! I started reading years back and have been hoping for more.

  5. Heyy Toad-sama, Angelcat here… Glad the team is doing okay. I regret leaving but I don’t think I would’ve been any useful given my limited skills. Haha..
    Even if you don’t remember me.. Still, regards to everybody and I wish you guys more power! Take care always.

    • Don’t be a stranger now!

      • Hehe.. Maybe, one of these days, I’ll start practicing typesetting.

        You guys should use codes for the sites where you post the links.. for example MF for mediafire so they won’t get discovered or smth.


        • Eh you don’t really have to do anything. Just hang around our irc channel and chew the fat every now and then.

          As for the links, all 4shared links are down since it got suspended and I just decided to close the account altogether. If the mediafire account ever goes down…well we’ll cross that road later if we have to.

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