delays, delays, and even more delays!

Granted there were legit reasons as to why this chapter is more than a month late, but hey those that still follow us should know that by now. Anyway here’s another chapter of MS. We only have two more chapters to go! Looks like we may actually finish this in 2016…but hey you never know!

And to answer Shiro’s question about Baby Princess, yes it is indeed active (as in not really dropped) but no one wants to work on it. I’m currently the only editor in NL (which is on life support at this point) and CoolMod is the translator for it. Both of us have no interest in continuing it and has therefore entered limbo…unless someone wants to take over the editor role and get CoolMod’s ass back in gear anyway. The same applies to our other projects as well. We just lack the staff to continue working on the projects we currently have so yeah maybe another group will pick them up or someone wants to join to continue working on them?



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  1. Many thanks for the new chapter!

  2. I can help you guys with releasing He~nshin if it’ll motivate you guys to release more chapters! I can clean or typeset.

    • I’ll go ask our translator if he’s interested in restarting the project. In the meantime you can go ahead and post on the forums so he can see that someone wants to work on it.

      • Ok! Thanks for responding so quick, do you guys mind doing joint projects?

        • Yeah no problem with a joint. Also according to our translator he can probably do it weekly if the editing is fast enough. Anyway if you’re interested just hit me up either on the forums or on our irc channel.

  3. Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

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