Welcome to the little blog created for the scanlation group known as Nayuki_Love. This ‘group’ began as a humble (crappy) edit of the first two chapters (Nayuki’s Chapters) of Kanon – Honto no Omoi wa Egao no Mukougawa ni. With Vin-nii’s interest in translating the rest of the manga, well things went from there and here we are today?

Speaking of today, it’s a nice feeling knowing that what once started out as a one-man editing project of an already existing translation, into a two-man collaboration, and into a three-man ‘group’ now consists of several members collaborating on current and future projects yet unknown. We’ve come a long way these past couple of years and hopefully things will keep on getting better for us…maybe?

And concerning international groups, feel free to use our translation/scans/etc as long as you credit us in some fashion. Actually I don’t think anyone would mind if other groups don’t credit us, but it would be a nice gesture so please do so if possible.

Disclaimer: Our works are largely translated from Chinese -> English and are therefore subject to rather loose interpretation of the original Japanese. The original meaning may have been lost along the way as it was translated from JP -> CHN and will definitely be lost come CHN -> ENG. Our intent has always been to deliver the best script possible within the constraints of the resources available to us. If our best effort to deliver these untranslated manga to the masses seem inadequate, well tough.