picking up steam!

•March 18, 2017 • 1 Comment

Surprised HENSHIN hasn’t crashed and burned yet, but hey looks like we actually have a team working on it this time around! Here’s HENSHIN15 and hopefully 16 will be out soon?


so deadlines…

•March 14, 2017 • 2 Comments

The plan was to release this chapter of Crest at the end of February. Of course that means we’ll release it 2 weeks later since that’s just how we roll? Well on the bright side the next chapter is relatively easy in comparison to the current grind. Even gave an estimate of 1 week! 1 WEEK! So obviously we’ll see you maybe a month from now with Crest6.

Oh and as an addendum for people who actually bother to read through this. Our project Maou na Ano Ko to Murabito A will enter an indefinite hiatus when we hit Chapter 20 due to lack of CN raws to work with. We work with JP->CN scans and they stopped at CH20. So yeah unless something happens and CN releases pick up then we’ll have no choice but to go on hiatus. This note will also be on the next Maou release…whenever that may be?

huh well this is unexpected?

•March 7, 2017 • 2 Comments

Thought it would be a double with Seikai but hey somehow it became a double with our good old Demon Queen (yes this project is still alive). So yeah a new chapter of HENSHIN brought to you by our new editor BroodMeister still in collaboration with You’re Welcome Scans with shades7000. Expect somewhat regular releases of HENSHIN now that we sort of have a team on it now. By regular I mean maybe a chapter every fortnight, but hey that’s pretty good coming from us!

Think that should be it. Covered the new guy, the HENSHIN collaboration…oh right! As always this godly quality release of DQVA is brought to you by Rince and his crew from Manga-Cat. The releases may be sporadic but man do they look good!

wow this chapter…

•January 31, 2017 • 5 Comments

Arguably the hardest chapter we’ve ever worked on. Seriously the amount of man hours put into this 26-page chapter is insane. Would have probably been released 2 weeks ago if it weren’t so damned hard, but oh well just gotta power through! Enjoy the chapter and hopefully the next one won’t take as long…maybe?

Also again for anyone interested in joining, better to make a post at the forums or hit us up on our irc channel. I rarely, if ever, check the comments section days post-release so I may not be able to respond in a timely manner.


•January 22, 2017 • 5 Comments

Was fully expecting a world-ending asteroid to come barreling down towards Mother Earth with Bruce Willis and co. heading up there to drill the damn thing to nuke it. Would have been so murrican…oh well. Here have a chapter of Henshin. Another project that is seemingly starting to lose steam…unless someone else wants to step up and help out? *shrugs*

eh close enough?

•January 2, 2017 • 3 Comments

We were planning on a new year’s release, but hey Christmas wasn’t kind on us and therefore delays! Still managed to get it out a day later so that has to count for something right? Anyway here’s another chapter of crest. As always we worked pretty hard on it and hopefully it shows.

Also there usually isn’t a credits page on our releases as it’s optional and up to whoever is working on the project to put one in. We’ll have a credits page in every release for crest since there are people that want it there.

So Happy New Year and congratulations on surviving 2016!

8 Years Strong!?

•December 23, 2016 • 2 Comments

A Happy Festivus to everyone and another anniversary for NL! Strange to think that we’re one of the older groups still around, though calling us a group is a bit of a stretch at this point.

Anyway new project! Crest of the Stars! This one got quite a bit of polish and I do think it shows! Really great story with awesome characters and I do hope we can do this series justice.

Also thanks to the people that do bother to leave a comment or two. While we work on these projects because we want to, it’s nice to know it’s being appreciated and enjoyed by the masses.

So there. 8 Years of NL. Here’s to a possible 9th Year!