It is done!

•January 3, 2021 • 1 Comment

…and it only took 7 months to do it, but here’s the next chapter of Crest of the Stars! And here I am thinking 2019’s 1 volume release couldn’t be beat, yet 2020 certainly proved me wrong! Anyway we’re still committed to finishing this manga even though this chapter was pure murder. Don’t know exactly when we’ll finish it, but it will get done…unless another group snipes us and decides to finish it. Wouldn’t blame them in the slightest given our rather…glacial release schedule?

And this is also a double to celebrate the New Year! Here’s another chapter of Katatsumuri-chan! Many thanks to Ryo and Shades for being the only reason this group isn’t considered inactive/dead!

Dunno how we’ll proceed to 2021 (we’re certainly not getting any younger here…), but Crest of the Stars will get done…eventually?

even more katatsumuri-chan

•November 13, 2020 • Comments Off on even more katatsumuri-chan

So yeah same old, same old. Ryo and shades keeping our bloated carcass afloat with their releases while CoolMod and I…well we’re still working on it! Will come out…soon!

Anyway enjoy the chapter and as always do pardon us for our slow releases. Hell of a year yeah?