Well this took awhile…

•April 23, 2019 • 1 Comment

So the last release was on new years? Sheesh this chapter was delayed to hell and back…

But anyway here’s the latest chapter of Crest of the Stars and a random Baby Princess chapter that was done months back but is only being released now cause reasons?

Also it has come to our attention that not only has J-Novel Club picked up the Crest/Banner of the Stars novels, a new Banner of the Stars novel has also been released several months back. So that’s pretty good news…hopefully we get more novels and possibly anime hype? Either way this news has buoyed our efforts and HOPEFULLY it won’t take as long to release the next one…maybe?


A New Year!

•January 2, 2019 • 3 Comments

So this was supposed to be released on the 23rd, then the 25th, then of course somehow it ends up being released at the very start of 2019! Some things never change right?

Anyway here’s the start of Jinto actually being competent in this volume of Crest! We’re also migrating from the tank scans to ebook scans. Given that the ebook scans are a mere x1200, future Crest releases will be enhanced with waifu2x technology. Also many thanks to the donators that gave us some funds to help purchase the ebooks. Granted the remnants of this group are all on the wrong side of twenty so we could have purchased it ourselves, it still does the heart good to know that people are willing to help out in some way.

So yeah happy new year and hopefully we’ll have another (semi) productive year. While I cannot speak for the other projects and any future projects in the works, I can say with near absolute certainty that we’re committed to crest. It will take awhile, but we’ll finish this!

Yet another milestone!

•December 24, 2018 • Comments Off on Yet another milestone!

So here we are at Year 10 of this experiment and somehow we’re still standing, not necessarily strong, but still standing! To celebrate this somewhat momentous occasion, we here at NL proudly present yet another completed project. And it took us nearly only 7 years to do it too!

So yeah here’s Henshin in its entirety. No clue who first presented the idea of this project and no clue why we were still working on it to be honest with you, but the remaining remnants of this group decided that they’ll finish this and so they did! Thanks to Ryogawa, Shades7000, and BroodMeister for somehow actually finishing this project. It literally wouldn’t have been possible for us to finish this without them…primarily due to them being the only ones interested in this manga, but hey it’s done!

And surprisingly enough we do have new things on the horizon! And you’ll see them…soon!?

So that happened?

•November 22, 2018 • 1 Comment

Remember when myself and CoolMod got kinda/sorta motivated to release more Crest chapters after getting those donations? Well like usual Summer happened and it took awhile to get this chapter out. It didn’t help that we ran into translation issues and whatnot, but hey excuses be excuses. Nevertheless we did get these chapters out and those donation funds have been put to good use buying us ebook scans. Should take less time to get that next chapter out, especially with NL’s 10th anniversary just a month away!

wow at the last chapter?

•August 30, 2018 • Comments Off on wow at the last chapter?

Well I’ll be damned! A project we started on 2011 is finally almost done! We deserve some kind of reward for taking 7 years to do 25 chapters! So to those that are inexplicably still reading HENSHIN, look forward to the last chapter soon…ish!

wait people actually donated?

•July 23, 2018 • Comments Off on wait people actually donated?

So way back in 2014 I was pestered by CoolMod to make a donations page. Of course it was with the full expectation that nothing would come of it and therefore just put a nondescript page on this site and called it a day. Fast forward to 2018 and I get told this long forgotten thing actually had donations in it. Supposedly been a year and a half since CoolMod last checked it, but lo and behold there were donations in the account. Completely unnecessary but otherwise appreciated. So kudos to Donn A. and Lucas B. for their support and know that this project won’t be abandoned. Granted that doesn’t really mean much considering we’re nearing 30 and we’ve been doing this for close to a decade at this point, but we’ll try to keep trudging along as luck would have it both CoolMod and I consider this a passion project so it should be completed…eventually?

Anyway enjoy this chapter of Crest that took forever and a day to complete. Seriously why is this manga so tough!?

even more Henshin

•June 25, 2018 • Comments Off on even more Henshin

It’s summer and as per NL tradition nothing gets done. Well except Henshin which is surprisingly enough chugging along in the background like a good unappreciated workhorse. So here’s another two chapters of HENSHIN and who knows this may actually get completed?

As for our seemingly longer and longer release schedule or lack thereof? We’re all getting old here. This group started with people turning into their twenties and now some of us are reaching the thirties. So yeah just chugging along…somehow?