A tradition unlike any other!

•December 31, 2022 • 2 Comments

Another year, another chapter! And by chapter I mean A SINGLE CHAPTER. Why? I dunno go ask our translator on our discord. That’s right! I forgot when we did it but we have a discord now! We’re like one of the cool sub groups now even though us old folks are about to enter our midlife crisis…

Well anyway here’s another chapter of Crest! Maybe we’ll actually do better next year? Granted hard to do worse other than actually being a dead group, but still here! Still standing! Maybe!

PS: Here’s our discord link cause why not? https://discord.gg/YPXJ67CwGJ

It’s been over 300 years!

•December 26, 2021 • 4 Comments

Or well more like over 300 days, but close enough. So what happened exactly? Well unless you were living under a nice cozy rock somewhere, 2021 sure has been a wild and bumpy ride. That’s our explanation (excuse) for the delay and we’re sticking with it. So what’s going to happen from here on out? Honestly don’t know. We’re all in our 30s and though the passion for the project is still there, well the spirit is willing but the body is spongy and weak.

We’ll see what will happen from here on out, but safe to say that we all wish 2022 will be better. Stay safe out there folks.

PS: So yeah turns out all our other projects got either dropped or cancelled during this near year long sabbatical. Primarily my fault as I didn’t follow up with them as my project got stalled, but eh what are you going to do?

PSS: Also the hell is with this new wordpress layout?

As I can’t figure out how to edit the links sidebar (legacy widget?) and evidently discord invite links default at 7 days (it shouldn’t expire now), here’s a link to our discord. https://discord.gg/YPXJ67CwGJ

Also thanks for the replies as it proves that there are still people kinda/sorta following us! Work has begun on the next chapter so it shouldn’t take as long…maybe?