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…I swear I’ll start reading this since the “group” is actually doing it. I mean it! I will!

…so here’s another chapter! Enjoy!

Oh hey another update already!?

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So Ryo and Shades are still cranking out the chapters. Here’s another chapter of Gundam Katana!

…and that’s all I got!

PS: DC2IF is for all intents and purposes on indefinite hiatus as no one is interested in translating it. I’d still love to do an HQ release (well by my standards anyway as I’m not that good an editor), but still need a translator!

A decade in review

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So here we are with another decade almost in the books. Surprised we actually got it out in time? Yeah me too…

Anyway here’s the last chapter of Crest of the Stars Volume 04. And it only took a year! Did I mention that we’re fairly old over here, relatively speaking, and we’re more or less in our 30s now? This is a teenager’s game damnit, but man is this manga good. Hopefully they continue on to Banner…

We also have a new project courtesy of Ryo and Shades. Like seriously I don’t even know why they stick around here and keep giving us stuff to put out, but hey here’s more manga to read. The both of them are (way) faster then me and CoolMod so expect more frequent releases from them. And I promise not to be lazy and actually get them out on time! Promise!

Should probably do the whole decade in review thing now huh? So this “group” somehow managed to actually be somewhat active from start and somehow not yet the finish. Starting off in 2008 and somehow still being here in 2020? I can’t say I saw that coming especially as we’re but a shell of our former selves. Can we make it to 2030? I seriously doubt it, but so long as it remains a casual hobby for us over here then I don’t see why not?

Anyway let me again say thanks to the people who, for some reason, actually gave us donations. We really don’t need it, the link was just thrown up there cause CoolMod told me to to it, and it was just a random link in an unobtrusive place. Yet somehow people actually threw in a couple dollars, that took awhile for us to find out since the account was never checked, and gave us the motivation (by slowing down our releases even more) to keep going. I can’t say I approve of how some groups nowadays pester people for donations…like seriously this is suppose to be a hobby right? Just something dirty about profiting off of someone else’s work like that…

Let me wrap up this post/rant that no one probably read and wish the peoples a happy new year! Hopefully volume 05 won’t take another year…

11 years strong…kinda?

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So 11 years into this thing has come and go and somehow we’re still here…kinda? I mean we released like what? 7 chapters this year or something? Getting old!

Anyway we’re here to not only release a chapter of Crest, but also to announce and release a new project! Ryo and them boys are working on Gundam Katana! Why? No clue, but the scans look cool so worth checking out! I also did not somehow delay this release by months just cause I forgot it even existed…yep, nossir!

We have plans to finish up V4 of Crest before we wrap up 2019 so look forward to that, and maybe another chapter of Katana too? Also going to drop Villager A as there is another group now working on it. Well that and we haven’t released a chapter in ages…

So yeah expect to see another post before we welcome 2020!

Well this took awhile…(part 2)

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Wow has it really been 5 months ago since the last release? As much as I want to blame us just getting older (and we are), this chapter was a bit of a tough one AND it was summer so yeah more excuses.

Anyway here’s another chapter of Crest of the Stars and surprisingly enough a random chapter of Baby Princess too. Still find it odd that we’re actually working on other things, but hey I can actually kinda sorta say that we have more in the works! When will they come out? No clue…hopefully this year?

Well this took awhile…

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So the last release was on new years? Sheesh this chapter was delayed to hell and back…

But anyway here’s the latest chapter of Crest of the Stars and a random Baby Princess chapter that was done months back but is only being released now cause reasons?

Also it has come to our attention that not only has J-Novel Club picked up the Crest/Banner of the Stars novels, a new Banner of the Stars novel has also been released several months back. So that’s pretty good news…hopefully we get more novels and possibly anime hype? Either way this news has buoyed our efforts and HOPEFULLY it won’t take as long to release the next one…maybe?

A New Year!

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So this was supposed to be released on the 23rd, then the 25th, then of course somehow it ends up being released at the very start of 2019! Some things never change right?

Anyway here’s the start of Jinto actually being competent in this volume of Crest! We’re also migrating from the tank scans to ebook scans. Given that the ebook scans are a mere x1200, future Crest releases will be enhanced with waifu2x technology. Also many thanks to the donators that gave us some funds to help purchase the ebooks. Granted the remnants of this group are all on the wrong side of twenty so we could have purchased it ourselves, it still does the heart good to know that people are willing to help out in some way.

So yeah happy new year and hopefully we’ll have another (semi) productive year. While I cannot speak for the other projects and any future projects in the works, I can say with near absolute certainty that we’re committed to crest. It will take awhile, but we’ll finish this!