wow at the last chapter?

•August 30, 2018 • Comments Off on wow at the last chapter?

Well I’ll be damned! A project we started on 2011 is finally almost done! We deserve some kind of reward for taking 7 years to do 25 chapters! So to those that are inexplicably still reading HENSHIN, look forward to the last chapter soon…ish!


wait people actually donated?

•July 23, 2018 • Comments Off on wait people actually donated?

So way back in 2014 I was pestered by CoolMod to make a donations page. Of course it was with the full expectation that nothing would come of it and therefore just put a nondescript page on this site and called it a day. Fast forward to 2018 and I get told this long forgotten thing actually had donations in it. Supposedly been a year and a half since CoolMod last checked it, but lo and behold there were donations in the account. Completely unnecessary but otherwise appreciated. So kudos to Donn A. and Lucas B. for their support and know that this project won’t be abandoned. Granted that doesn’t really mean much considering we’re nearing 30 and we’ve been doing this for close to a decade at this point, but we’ll try to keep trudging along as luck would have it both CoolMod and I consider this a passion project so it should be completed…eventually?

Anyway enjoy this chapter of Crest that took forever and a day to complete. Seriously why is this manga so tough!?

even more Henshin

•June 25, 2018 • Comments Off on even more Henshin

It’s summer and as per NL tradition nothing gets done. Well except Henshin which is surprisingly enough chugging along in the background like a good unappreciated workhorse. So here’s another two chapters of HENSHIN and who knows this may actually get completed?

As for our seemingly longer and longer release schedule or lack thereof? We’re all getting old here. This group started with people turning into their twenties and now some of us are reaching the thirties. So yeah just chugging along…somehow?

more Henshin

•April 25, 2018 • Comments Off on more Henshin

So here’s more Henshin I should have probably gotten out a week ago, but hey at least it’s out now! As always I’m surprised things are actually still getting done around here, but I suppose we’ll just keep chugging along until life eventually puts a stop to this?

Anyway as for the question of Maou and the Villager? I honestly haven’t a clue what’s going on with that project. Really up to our translator whether or not he wants to work on something and I guess we’re just doing HENSHIN more at this point? Anyway I’ll have a more conclusive answer next time I make another release post or maybe someone else already picked up the project? Whichever comes first!

so uhhh I forgot?

•March 4, 2018 • 1 Comment

So yeah this chapter should have been out 2 weeks ago, but due to unforeseen circumstances (I forgot it was there) and well here we are. Here’s another chapter of HENSHIN so the project is indeed alive and well! Not as alive as what I said months ago, but alive all the same!

Also I forgot to mention in the previous release, but batoto is dead. Shame that it died, but was fun while it lasted! Luckily Mangadex seems to be stepping up to the plate and so far it’s looking good!

PS: As always responses are much appreciated. If nothing else it’s nice to know our work is appreciated.

getting old!

•February 26, 2018 • 2 Comments

Ugh getting too old for this. I mean sure we really do want to finish this manga and we’re determined to do so, but man it’s one hell of a slugfest. Such a difficult manga do to, but we persevere anyway cause WE HAVE TO PROTECT THAT SMILE…or something.

Anyway enough rambling. Here’s Crest13. Hopefully we can get past baron douchebag’s story arc already and get some nice planetside action. There’s a reason Jinto and Lafiel are both the protagonists even though essentially Crest/Banner of the Stars is Lafiel’s story narrated by Jinto. Want to get to that part already!

9 Years (2 days) and counting!

•December 25, 2017 • 1 Comment

So we wanted to get this chapter out on the 23rd to celebrate 9 years of NL and of course the most glorious of holidays, Festivus. That obviously didn’t happen due to reasons so here we are today. Still odd to think we’re still (slowly) churning out chapters to this day, but well I suppose that’s what happens when you limit yourself on projects you’re actually interested in. As always we’re not sure what the future holds, but Crest of the Stars will be completed barring life altering circumstances that will cause us to close shop…knock on wood.

So yeah Merry Christmas everyone. May we see the glorious wordpress snow effect a year from now as well to celebrate 10 years of (subpar) NL scanlations!