breaking speed records!

•September 6, 2016 • 3 Comments

Almost 6 months for 6 pages…even I never thought we’d set such a blistering pace! Truly life is filled with such mystery!

Oh well perhaps someone wants to help out so we can release more regularly? Granted it would have to at the minimum be at the quality Rince and his team had been doing so it’s quite the ask, but hey price to pay for more chapters.

delays, delays, and even more delays!

•August 27, 2016 • 7 Comments

Granted there were legit reasons as to why this chapter is more than a month late, but hey those that still follow us should know that by now. Anyway here’s another chapter of MS. We only have two more chapters to go! Looks like we may actually finish this in 2016…but hey you never know!

And to answer Shiro’s question about Baby Princess, yes it is indeed active (as in not really dropped) but no one wants to work on it. I’m currently the only editor in NL (which is on life support at this point) and CoolMod is the translator for it. Both of us have no interest in continuing it and has therefore entered limbo…unless someone wants to take over the editor role and get CoolMod’s ass back in gear anyway. The same applies to our other projects as well. We just lack the staff to continue working on the projects we currently have so yeah maybe another group will pick them up or someone wants to join to continue working on them?


Well what do you know?

•June 7, 2016 • 3 Comments

Looks like it may take the entirety of 2016 for us to finish MS after all…Just never got to that mood where we release a chapter a week yeah? Oh well…we’re getting there!

damnit xcom!

•March 18, 2016 • 4 Comments

Stop making high percentage shots miss! I mean come on!

Anyway here’s another chapter of MS and Maou. Double release since I wanted to do one and no one said otherwise so here’s a double! Oh and any questions that actually want to be answered should be posted either on the forums or our irc channel. I rarely check the comments section a couple of days post release but I do like seeing positive numbers there!

In less than 2 months!

•February 4, 2016 • 9 Comments

Hah we’re actually sticking to some form of schedule this time around! May actually get this done and over with before the 2017!

…7 years is it?

•December 25, 2015 • 2 Comments

I could have sworn I said 8 last year, but yeah Nayuki_Love is now 7 years strong! Well strong is a bit misleading as we’ve been in the decline for quite awhile now, but hey still churning out releases one chapter at a time! Looking forward to finishing off Mission School to hopefully start on the next project, but hell who knows when we’ll actually finish the remaining 6 chapters?

But yeah enjoy the release and maybe I’ll be making another post before the year ends? Granted there’s like a 10% chance of that happening and we couldn’t even pull off a Festivus Miracle, but hey stranger things have happened!

…still halloween somewhere, right?

•November 1, 2015 • 2 Comments

So I was imagining another “summer of manga” thing where we release a bunch of chapters during the summer season. Well it’s now November (still halloween somewhere) and we’ve released like 2 chapters in total. MS suffered massive delays because LIFE and DQVA is pretty much without an editor at this point also due to LIFE. So yeah floundering like a beached whale over here.

…so any experienced editors that can emulate what Rince and his boys are doing with DQVA? I mean I can edit it with my glorious QUALITY if need be, but I’d rather have someone that can do that quality handle things. Well that’s that…enjoy the halloween release of Mission School! We’re finally on the last volume and we’ll finish it…eventually!